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JC Events recently organised a 1st birthday party for our son and five of his best buddies all with birthdays at the same time. We had lots of colored fun balloons, slide ball pool, toys, painting materials and multicolored fun backdrop for photos all provided and setup by JC Events. The six one year olds, all of their parents, families and friends had a fantastic day thanks to JC Events who brought color entertainment and fun for everyone to celebrate this very special day. We would be delighted to recommend JC Events for your kiddies party!


Julia did a wonderful job as a photographer at our wedding. She was very discreet in her approach yet managed to capture key moments throughout the day. The quality of each picture itself and the emotion it transpires are second to none. It was truly a joy to have Julia join us on the occasion.


I would most definitely recommend Julia for organizing a great party for infants and kids. From the get-go Julia was organised, inventive, punctual and very friendly to deal with. We and all our guests were very impressed with what she put together for us on the day. As agreed Julia came the following day to gather her things much to the disappointment of our son! I wouldn't hesitate to book her again or to recommend her to anyone!

Une décor faite avec beaucoup de douceur, harmonieuse jusque dans les petits détails. Merçi pour votre professionnalisme, c'était juste magnifique pour qu'on s'y sente bien...avec beaucoup d'amour et d'amitiés.


Une magnifique personne qui prend son travail à coeur et avec passion!

Mary Elen



Lausanne, Switzerland

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